Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

I have to say that there were two highlights to my weekend. I got to go fishing and larking about with Joe and I got to have a visit with my coven sibs for a while. Joe and I went to Diamond Fork and did some fishing. I had a few hits with flies and Joe had none, so we changed to worms and drove up-river. We finally had found a place to really play with our new fly-rod outfits and practice. I am so out of practice. I have not used a flyrod in about eight or nine years. It feels good though and I got into the groove again after just a little while. While I was walking to and fro I fell through the bank into an abandoned beaver lodge. Beavers make some of the best trout fishing holes and this was one of them, but the dam was degraded and the hole exposed. When I walked away about a foot of sandy earth gave way and I fell in. I thought my knee or my back was a goner. When the beavers did not gnaw my leg off at the knee, I pulled it out and stood up and stoicly strode back to the truck. I need to take Joe farther up Sixth Water but the fishing up there is more of a challenge and more work. I also want to hike to the hot springs up Fifth Water. Joe doesnt want to go up there when anyone else is there, but considering how many people were hiking to and from the hot springs, I don't think that is really possible.

I have been preparing for a trip up to the Wasatch Plateau tonight. Gotta get all the camping amenities organized or it will be a disaster. More fishing up there, too.

I harvested my first tomatoes tonight, too. Two ripe, red Romas. You just cant get tomatos this good at the store!

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Aisling said...

Wow, we're "highlights"!! :P Love it!! It was great to see you...hope the stuff you're doing this week is a s rewarding as the weekend was.