Monday, July 28, 2008

Easing into civilization

The gods of electricity were not kind to me last night. I had gone to sleep for just a little while on my blessed CPAP when the power went out. I woke up smothering to death as I always do when the power goes out at night. I was really disoriented and did not realize the power was out as I pushed the mask off my face and sat up on the bed. The fan was not blowing. I could not turn on the lamp. Okay, power is officially out now. I sat there for a while as the house heated up and wondered how long it would be before the power was back on. Finally, I decided I needed to inform Utah Power on my own--as a public service as well as a selfish act of getting my sleep. I had spent three nights without my CPAP camping and I was ready for a night of long, deep sleep before I had to go back to work in the morning.

I tentatively crept from the bedroom to where I USUALLY keep a flashlight for emergencies. Damn! It wasn't there. So, I crept into the living room, where I knocked over the Nordic Trak I inherited from my late father, which knocked a tray off the furnace which had my blown glass Sangria pitcher and cups. They must have crashed into each other to break, because they landed on carpet. I pressed onward. I made it into the office where I found a cigarette lighter and lit a candle. I called Utah Power and their automated system told me they already knew my neighbourhood was blacked out. So much for talking to a real human being and getting to whine about my CPAP sleep deficit. I crept from my office like the Hermit of the Tarot deck and found the flashlight in the kitchen which I used to survey the broken glass on the living room floor. Damn! How did I creep by that path TWICE without amputating half my foot on the broken glass???!! I returned miserably to the hot bedroom and sulked for a while until I decided to get in the shower and get wet, which increased my spirits considerably. I went back to the bedroom wet, which kept me sane for the next two hours. The wild winds of earlier in the evening had died so not so much as a breeze came into the room. I tried to tell myself that I could sleep one more night without the CPAP and tried to sleep. I retrieved my cell phone and pager and set the alarm on the pager and layed down. FINALLY the power came back on. The lights I had turned on in the kitchen and bathroom came on. I darted to the fan and turned it on, reset the clock and alarm and put on my mask and lay down. I did not bother to turn off the lights. Bad witchie, no biscuit! I feel asleep almost immediately and woke up for work feeling like I had fallen under a bus.

At work, I had a small project. Winn, Gods bless him, helped me set up the PC workstations which I configured later on. Yep, thrust back into the world of electricity and technology with no padding whatsoever!

Now I head off to bed with visions of sugarplums and CPAP masks, right after the cats get their soft food. Can't forget the soft food or they will pester me clear through the night. Maybe tomorrow I will not be nodding off while I am waiting for some program to install or during a critical reboot.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to break through the Pagan news blackout about Aspen Grove, etc. and have something really hilarious to report.

Sweet dreams!


Aisling said...

Oh my aching Ghawdzz, if I had known what was going on last night I would have invited you to sleep here. And what Pagan news blackout? Gonna have to try that one on for size.

Tammy said...

Im beginning to think that you missed your calling and should have been a writer...