Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Cu/rsa

So what is the course of this blog going to be? I actually didn't give it a whole lot of thought today since I was busy with work and did some gardening when I got home. I let the cats out for a breather today. The boys stayed outside as long as I did, but Lusay decided she was going to recline out by the irises for a while longer and did not come in. After I talked to Joe on the phone a couple of hours later, I decided to hunt her up and she was in the driveway, defending the house from the invasion of a very pretty tabby. She did come to me and I carried her in telling her what a good girl she was. I guess the flower bed is safe for one more night . . .

Okay, distraction . . . quantum topic. What will I write about? How about some of my travels, a bit about my family and friends. Maybe I will mention work when it rears up like a scary dragon. Sounds pretty normal, I guess. I think I will also want to talk about Paganism, Witchcraft and the Utah Pagan Community quite a bit, too. Some of it would be serious. Some of it satirical, just because Pagans, in aggregate, can be really funny--particularly when they are being so very serious themselves. I imagine some of that satire is to make fun of the seriously retarded and at other times to make a point. I think that satire and irony make really good points for those who are attuned. Satire is also a long-time Celtic tradition from clear the hell back when Celts were farmers, herdsmen and headhunters. Modern Pagans just do not appreciate it, particularly when they are the subjects. Funny that. . . I have not managed to raise boils on my subjects yet as did the satirists of old, but I keep practicing. I have managed to earn a stalking injunction (dismissed in court) for some of my satirical work. You can watch that here:

and here:

This is just a taste of what is to come. Bon appetit!

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