Monday, July 21, 2008


How can I possibly get four hours of my life back? Is there an application somewhere for do-overs? Can I fill it out and subit it online? Will the appropriate gods get it?

Lulu is a person in our local Pagan community who takes herself way too seriously. She was booted from a group of local witches, but now she is a gythia in an Asatru kindred. Snap, crackle and pop! GYTHIAHHHHHH! I am GYTHIA hear me roar! I just spend four hours roasting her ass and explaining why her kindred--and in turn herself--are not victims.

Wow, imagine my surprise . . . you see, in real Wicca and Witchcraft, it takes years of study just to be initiated and more years of study and self-examination to become a high priestess in a coven, whether that coven is one's own or not. The ones that flap about like fledging chicks and screech their title to the world usually are not counted among those that put in their time. Does anyone know where I can buy an "I am Gythia" kit--just add water and drama? Do they still sell erector sets these days? I could build my own tiara with battery powered lifts and cranes. I can glue on my own cubic zirconia--obtained from a sufficiently counter-culture gem show, of course. Does anyone know enough about Asatru to know how long it takes to become a competent gythia, or gothi?

I have this little rule in the back of my head in the course of usual Pagan transactions. That rule is about how the veracity and competency of one's Pagan or Witchen priesthood is inversely proportional to the number of times it is mentioned in casual conversation or in posts on Yahoo! groups. Excuse me . . . I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. I was thinking of Lulu.

Angry! Still angry . . .

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Aisling said...

Some very interesting mail is winging her way right this very minute that will drastically reduce the size of the stage on which she's wielding that paper crown. Stay tuned....