Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three Days Later

Three days later, I am still unimpressed by civilization, except the electricity that keeps my CPAP alive. So if everything but electricity went tits up, how would I feel? I would miss Smallville. I would miss Nova. That is about all in my TV universe that I would miss.

I would have lots 0f time, come November, December and January to seek out moose antlers in my snowshoes. Plenty of moose up Big Cottonwood. We did not get a hint of moose up on the Wasatch Plateau last week, despite our seeking. Nothing near the CC Pond. No moose sighted up at Gooseberry East or down the creek toward Electric Lake. Just deer across Flat Canyon and nothing up on the Skyline, though that is where we hunted for firewood.

What do we (Joe and I) see the first time we take a winter trek up Big Cottonwood? Moose. Time to look for antlers.

I am too hot. I look forward to fall.

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