Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a year

Wow. I think I forgot I had a blog. I did get a Facebook page, but I find it so superficial there.

So, here are the highlights of the last year.

I recovered from my tendon transplant and returned to work.

Joe and I bought a house.

My coven achieved some hard-won milestones and set some new goals and directions.

Joe and I adopted another dog, named Connor, to be a brother for Mojo. We are now a two dog/two cat family.

I found out that I enjoy mowing the lawn--I find it oddly relaxing. If only I did not have to empty the bag every few minutes . . .

I have had surgery on my mouth and on my toe.

Joe and I are SLOWLY getting a raided-bed vegetable garden going. We got flower pots for the patio planted and flowers planted in the front bed. I have a composter going.

I will have to tie a string around my finger to remind me to come back and post here more often.