Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Developments

On Friday the 2nd of January, I got a call from the Veterinary Hospital where Lusay spent her last day. I had requested that they make me a plaster cast of her front paw prints in black and white and it was ready to pick up. I went in and the lobby was full of patrons with various concerns. One was there to buy some perscription dog food. Another guy was there to pick up his dog, which turned out to be a cute little collie and he was so happy he was almost bouncing when he walked. Another lady was there to see her pet. She held up a brave front until she spoke the name of her pet that she was there to see and then she exploded in tears--they ushered her away to a private room quickly. I thought to myself, "There but for two weeks go I." However, it was more like there but for two minutes go I, because when a staff member asked what she could do for me, I choked up and whispered to her that I was there to pick up Lusay's plaque. She did not hear me, so I had to speak up and tears started to run. She scurried back into a back room and came out with the plaque in bubblewrap. She took it out for me and I started to tear up some more. She asked me if I liked it, which I did. It was better than I expected. Her paw prints and name in black, the rest in white and a black and white bow on the top. The top surfaces are all shiny and laminated while the back is raw plaster. I am very happy with that. It feels nice to have some kind of memorial of her to be able to touch and interact with because I did not get that with my cat, Arthur, who died in 1991. I still visit his grave in Diamond Fork and when I do, I bring a stick of incense and light it. He was a great cat, too, just like Lusay.

On a related front, Christian, who gave me Lusay, is still in the area, I found out. I did try to contact him before Lusay was put to sleep to see if he wanted to see her, but his phone number that I had did not work. I feel bad that I could not reach him, but now I feel like I might be able to find him and let him know what happened. He is a friend that I miss a lot, anyway. Maybe it is just the impetus I need to find him and reconnect.

I found out that my friend Jenn is having half her thyroid gland removed. I got to speak to her and find out that it was not a cancer thing, but a cyst thing that needs removing. She will have to wait a couple of months to find out if she needs to start taking thyroxin. Hopefully she doesn't.

Things are on track for Joe and I to head down to Tucson next week for a short vacation. I look forward to seeing Canopus again and making this a yearly tradition where we get a few days of spring and a few nights of Canopus each year in January.

I hope everyone had a great Perihelion and life improves for all as we pull away from the Sun.

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