Thursday, January 1, 2009

Athbhlian faoi mhaise dhaoibh uilig

Yes, a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2009 to everyone. I am thinking of many people today--moreso than at Christmas or the Winter Solstice for some reason. I think about Joe who is well into the third year living in frigid Utah and I hope he is liking it enough to stay. I think of my mom and Bill and camping this summer and Tigger. I think of Ben and Tammy, my sis and bro in law, and how fast their kids Chris, Kayden and Carlee are growing and changing. I think of my brother Brent and his wife Candise and his daughters Ryeley and Jayde--the girls are becoming young women. I think of my sister Shelly in a new relationship with Mike, whom I have not met, and her two grown boys starting their adult lives. I am thinking of my friend Wendy down in Las Vegas with her aunt who is failing with cancer this winter. I am thinking of Aisling and Brie who are dealing with the aging and failing of my dear friend Mary, Aisling's mother. I am thinking of Mary, herself, and wondering what is going on in her mind as she experiences the things her body and mind are going through as she turns ninety. I think of Bret and TaMara who are both busy for the holidays and probably tired and hope they get to use January to recover. I think of Clint, raising Kaden by himself, even with a couple of uncles around and want him to find THE ONE. I think of Don and Denny and their great home and their big studio project in their back yard where their creativity will meet reality. I think of Dana and Denny and of all the stories and experiences I have had with Dana over many years. I think of Diana, a truck driver, who plies the roads between Phoenix and Salt Lake and her doggie, Murphy. I think of Dave and Renae who work really hard to support their family and then go out and work harder to bring peace and security to many Pagans in all sorts of binds. I think of Jenn, alone with her studies and kitties as she muddles through her life. I think of Aaldis and Ty and how they bring love and humour to those around them. I think of Parker, stuck up in the tundra of Kemmerer, Wyoming without his bride this winter. I think of my brother, Matt, who is working his butt off and trying to decide what he wants to do with the rest of his life right now. I think of my cousin, Christy and her new husband, Ray, as they start their life together. I think of my friend Allen in Dallas as he mourns his father. I think of Dave and Bryan in Tennessee who are both worried about their ailing and aging parents. I think about Goat because she seems adrift and alone in some ways and I dont know what anyone can do to help her. I think about Aisling and Brie's daughter Sara and her kids, Gabriel and Joseph, as they begin again in Wyoming. I think about Kevin and Steve in Tucson and hope they have a nice drama-free year. I think about Myke who works as a janitor at one of our clinics and hope he has a wonderful and meaningful year. I think about Mony who I hope finds herself and then likes herself. I think about Nathan and Marie who are going to become first-time parents this year. I think about Joanne at one of our clinics who just got a new grandchild and how her grandchildren ARE her life. I think of Sheila who has just lost a great deal, but who has so much to gain in this year. I think of Michael and John who have been through so much this last year and on whom I wish so much peace and love for 2009. I think of MiLinda who has no job and just lost her family support network and I hope she finds direction. I think of Lusay and how Loki misses her and hope the Ulysses will be healthy this year. I think of Barack Obama and the huge problems that will face him as he becomes our new president. I think of his wife, Michelle and their two girls as they will have to adjust to a new life in the White House and under a microscope.

I think of, worry about, and dream about these people and wish nothing but peace, prosperity and comfort in the coming year. I think this coming year is going to be a challenge to many of us emotionally, economically and just to try to stay human amid the pressures we all feel to be automatons and zombies in the hive order we have come to live in via work and computer.

I wish everyone a happy and very human 2009. May it be better than 2008.

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