Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Head Cold that Came to Dinner

I have had this medical and mental condition that will not go away. Medical, because it is something like a cold, mental because it causes great stress and irritation. I know I contracted it back at the end of November, first of December. It visits for a day or two or up to four then it goes into hiding again. Some people get the creeping crud; I seem to have the lurking crud. My symptoms are mostly mild: runny nose, sinus headache, a minor sore throat and earache on one side, watery eyes and just a sense of localized misery. Below the neck, I feel like a caged animal because down there I am just fine and ready to take on the day with gusto. My head kind of gets dragged along at the end of a rope just long enough to get a periodic back kick from my ankles as I rush from task to task. Maybe it is visiting again because of the stress of last week: two small projects, one small project that ballooned into a large project and some work politics and general territorialism. I need to get certain things done at work, because I am bringing out the big guns against my lurker. I am spending a few days in the sun.

Sun. It hardly seems like a real thing anymore. I hardly get to see it on work days. Many days are just grey, like today, or even snowy and miserable on the outside. On the days when it does shine, it only makes it's presence known by its enhanced brilliance from the albeido of the snow, but you can't feel it. But shhhhhh! Don't say this outloud. I am only sharing this in writing because I am hoping that cold viruses still cannot read. I am going to Tucson! Forecast: mid-seventies and sunshine all the days we will be there! This gives me a chance to breath real, unconfined and non-cough-contaminated air. I can stock up on Vitamin D and get a little ultraviolet illumination on my skin and surface blood vessels. I will get to see green, living things, even if most of them are armed with thorns and barbs enough to tear one to pieces: thorns and barbs that make rose buses seem the tame housecats versus the sabretoothed cave lions of yesteryear.

If a huge dose of the Sun and a little accidental bloodletting (sans leeches) does not cure this, I don't know what will.

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