Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And the project goes on

Today, I awoke and looked over the chaos of my living room and just sighed. How am I supposed to fix this mess up? Well, I had an ace in the hole and his name is Joe. Joe and I went to lunch. Joe and I went shopping. Joe and I bought an office chair and floor mat. So I was primed to rip another room apart. I had not pulled my "den" apart for over two years. I yanked out a desk, I rolled out and junked Brad's old stereo cabinet for clean-up. I demolished the futon I have had in here for eleven years and hauled it to the driveway. Now I need to finish vacuuming the room, cleaning the carpets with the carpet cleaner I inherited. Then I can place my mat and chair and then clean out the living room. It is all so deadly in its planning. A couple of spiders had to die in the re-conquest of my office. They had placed the dead bodies of lots of insects all over my floor behind wood shelves and desks. It was a killing field of bodies. The bodies were sucked up in the vacuum and so were their killers. I would have let the spiders go outside, but they would not cooperate and a couple of them were black widows, so I sucked them all up in the vacuum. Their broken bodies found their way to the rubbish with all the dust and cat hair that the cleaner picked up. Whooosh!

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