Thursday, August 14, 2008

And the project gets stalled--after a certain amount of progress

Okay, BOOOOORING post here. I managed to clean up the den, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, wall washing. So now I am moving in my new office mat and office chair. Progress! Then I move back the wood shelf, now against the north wall instead of the window. Then I move back the small desk--I never moved the computer desk--I am moving it into position when there is this kind of snap-snap in my groin. It was like two guitar strings breaking. It wasn't so much painful as an interesting senstation as I was trying to push the desk into position. Within minutes, I was hardly able to walk. I knew what had happened. How many times have I heard about pulling one's groin? I have actually done this before when I was more into weight lifting. Okay, what did I do before? Ibuprofen, ice to the crotch . . . Eventually, I was able to lift my leg enough to get into the shower and clean up from my labours. I am not able to bring any more of the boxes I need to store in here because of the groin thingie. I can still hardly walk. Sitting is just fine. Ibuprofen and acetominophen are my dear friends right now. I am tired of ice. My great project is scaled back for now. I cannot move the bed in my bedroom to clean around and under it. I will have to work through the boxes of crap I moved out of closets and the den one item at a time, instead of moving them pell-mell into the office. I need to go buy one more tote for the bedspreads.

Tonight, I looked in on the Wasatch Pagan Alliance site. On this site there is a system of "karma points" where people can almost anonymously vote on the posts of the individual or on the value of the individual themselves. I used to think that this point system had value, but of late I have come to see this anonymous point system as an elitist vote that favours one certain clique in the Pagan community. A lot of the people in this clique are dear friends of mine, but I find this system of karma points unfair. It devalues individuals who have a dissenting opinion about attitudes and policy. It is almost as if individuals and their opinions get devaulued and discarded based upon their karma point score on the WPA website. I find this unfair and anti-democratic. I also think that people on the WPA vote in karma points rather than voicing support for or against various political stances in an anonymous way. I think this harms the parliament of ideas and creates a kind of popularity contest which enshrines the ideals of a certain clique or a certain majority and discounts and dismisses the opinions of those who feel differently. I think the system or karma points needs to be discarded on the WPA if real discussion and debate of ideas is going to continue and mean a damn to the all the parties invovled.

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Tammy said...

Hi so your remodel projects are underway too huh, well i hope you have not caught the bug we have because something will always be torn apart at your house if you have :) anyway, I am going to have a pampered chef party either the end of sept or the beginning of november so if you want anything let me know and I will get you a catalog they make great gifts!!