Thursday, November 13, 2008


Did you know that Asatru was the "official religion of Iceland"?

I did not. I grew up in Spanish Fork, Utah which is the greatest concentration of expatriate Icelanders in the United States. Spanish Fork has had visits from Icelandic presidents, prime ministers and ambassadors over the years because of this local cultural concentration and pride. Because I come from Spanish Fork, Utah there was a bias in reporting about missionary or other church activities in Iceland by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although the current percentage of the Icelandic population is 0.1 percent LDS, there is a link about Spanish Fork there:

From this same link, I found out that Iceland has an official state religion, a form of Lutheranism, called the Church of Iceland. However, I found, in addition to Asatru NOT being an official religion that only one half of one percent of the population of 300,000 people there were actually associated with Asatru. You can imagine how I was gasping for oxygen when I discovered this damning total.

Well, it would seem that one self-proclaimed gythia of Asatru here in Utah had suddenly declared a new, official state religion for Iceland. I researched the subject as above and replied to her on the local forum where she declared this to be true. That was a week ago and I have yet to recieve a response. That includes a response from her, a response from her spouse and a response from her Kindred. I find this troubling.

You know, even if Iceland has a half of a percent of its population as Asatru--the reconstructed Viking religion and spirituality--that is about 1500 people. Far more than Utah has for sure. However, their silence on the officiality issue is troubling. Asatru has Nine Virtues, one of them being Truth and another of them Honour. So I ask, where is the Truth of this assertion on a local forum and where is the Honour of putting such false information out on a public forum?

. . . . Silence . . . .

I assert there is no Truth and there is no Honour. And this Kindred is out there misrepresenting its religion to whomever might read their posts.

Shame upon that Kindred!

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